The ground floor is a lounge area open to not only guests but also visitors. Please come visit and enjoy eating and drinking. Our menu changes with the seasons, please check what is on the menu for that day.

Yumcha (飲茶)

・ All teas are directly brought from China. Pu'er tea from Yunnan and Oolong tea from Fujian are served with traditional.
・ Chinese tea ceremony equipment and utensils.
・ There are also Chinese dumplings served to enjoy with Chinese tea.
・ We also sell tea utensils and tea leaves from China.

Shisha Cafe

・ Organic coffee.
・ Mini-water cigarettes (Shisha)
・ Table games such as UNO and backgammon.
・ There are also snacks and nibbles available.


・ Beer, wine and Japanese sake.
・ Ethnic food is made by using local ingredients and original recipes.
・ Snacks and nibbles available.
・ There is also live music performances depending on the day.